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Our marker pen assortment contains several types of marker pens such as rounded and square points. We also deliver permanent markers and waterproof markers in several colors including fluorescent colors.
Marker pen

Marker pen

Marker pens are used a lot in business and education environments to mark up and highlight important issues. We have several markers in or assortment in different colors and different types. Square and rounded points are possible as well as fluorescent and normal colors.

Highlighter are used to highlight text on paper. Most of the highlighters contain fluorescent ink. We can deliver several colors for these highlighters. At this moment we have green, red and yellow highlighters. These colors make it possible still to be able to read the highlighted line.
Permanent markers are meant to use when you want to be sure your written text is impossible to remove. The permanent markers can be used on several materials such as carton and paper. Permanent markers should not be used when you want the ink to be removed. In that case you should use our whiteboard marker.
Whiteboard markers are especially meant to use of white boards that are used a lot in meetings. Our whiteboard markers are available in the colors red, green, blue and black. The tip point is rounded and the ink is removable from the whiteboard very easy.