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Rainbow Color Stationery
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Silicone slaps are very popular as a promotion article. We can deliver different kind of slaps with a lot of options. Embossed, debased, multicolor, color filled and silk screen printing is all possible. The metal used inside is high quality and the silicone material is environment friendly.
We can deliver many kind of pens in different styles. Our pens are a perfect tool to promote your brand or company. Use them at fairs to let your customers remember you and think about all the extra features possible to use to make your pen just that little bit more special.
Silicone bracelets are also a specialty of us. We can deliver the same options as the ones from the slaps such as embossed, debased, multicolored, color filled and silk screen printed. The bracelets can also be delivered in shapes.


Our aluminum and acrylic rulers are made of top quality provided for ultimate fun and are eye-catchers in offices.

The rulers have animated motifs from fauna, art, and many others and will inspire you as well as your customers. The rulers are equipped with 15 cm and 6 inch scales Or 30 cm and 12 inch scales. It's a nice gift for kids since we have 12 kinks of animal sharp with many colors are available. Our attractive displays do not need much space and is a guaranteed for an optimal presentation of the rulers to ensure good sales.

These aluminum rulers are more sustainable as the acrylic rulers. For them it also is fun to use them while at the same time chidden learn about metrics. These rulers are available in many different types. Just browse our website frequently to find out what kind of rulers we can provide for you.
These acrylic rulers are fun to use. Children can play and learn about metrics the same time which makes it the perfect combination for kids. These rulers are made of high quality acrylic material and are safe to use.